Week Four - A Seated Practice

Available Now. In this week's lesson Jennifer guides students through the common pitfalls of maintaining a steady meditation practice and reminds us that meditation is key to abiding in lasting peace and contentment.

From this week's lesson:

The biggest block to a steady practice is believing the thought, that we are too busy to sit down and do nothing. The irony is that we feel too busy because we do not sit still everyday and find that quiet place inside.

Our conditioning teaches us to satisfy the mind's desires. But the great way informs us that attempting to satisfy our desires will result in an endless chase for happiness. It turns out that lasting happiness comes from the simple knowing and connection to our own being as it is, not dependent on outer conditions. It is our ever present nature. And it lies shining quietly in the background of all experience.

Meditation practice gradually shifts our identity out of personality, and we begin to rest in awareness. Then our bodies, minds, and personalities can come into harmony with our Self, and can let go of control and allow everything to be exactly as it is.