Week One - Removing the Mask and Discovering the Seat of the Witness

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Like water is always wet, peace is the predominant quality of our true nature.

In this first lesson Jennifer introduces the basis of the course and the first practice, discovering the seat of the witness. She walks listeners through the difference between "The Heart" and "The Mind" and helps to point towards the silent peace that abides within all.

An excerpt from the talk:

The very title of this course describes what these practices produce for us: being awake in the world--eyes open--and finding the underlying Peace that permanently abides in the Heart.

When we refer to the Heart, we are pointing to the deeper part of our consciousness-- the witness that is often overlooked and is the source that animates the mind. The mind contains, the personality which means mask, and is programmed for survival.

From a scientific lens these two parts of our consciousness are separated by the two hemispheres of our brain. The left is the survivors patterning, the right is awake awareness, always at peace with itself.

In this first lesson we will explore these two very different parts of our consciousness. The conditioning of the personality, which is in the mind, and we will explore the spirit, or the awareness which is our unconditioned consciousness.