Week Two - Allow All To Be As It Is

Available Now! In this second lesson Jennifer introduces the first practice of allowing all to be as it is, also known as surrender. Listen online or download to hear later.

From this week's lesson:

When people first hear about the practice of acceptance, or surrender their first assumption is that when we accept what is we will do nothing to change it. It is perceived as passive.

But truly, it is the opposite. When we are in resistance to what is then all of our energy goes into the resistance. We are not free to act from a place of resistance. But when we are in acceptance of reality, we can then put our energy into choosing to respond to the reality in front of us.

The practice of allowing and surrendering has to do with becoming aware of our preferences, desires, beliefs, and other limitations, and letting go of them when they are in contradiction to reality.

The work to be free and happy is a lifelong journey and more importantly an inside job.

This approach to living is so contrary to our western conditioning, which is all about getting what we want and satisfying our desires. The western approach believes that when we get what we want, we will be happy.

This is a common myth from our conditioning. Yet, it is simply untrue.